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Paypal Phone

With PayPal being an ever-expanding option for making online purchases, it only makes sense for PayPal to have a top of the line customer service program. With PayPal being around since 1998 there is no wonder as to how they have such a helpful customer service program, they have simply been around long enough to know how important of an aspect of doing business customer service truly is. Running my own online business, I have personally had to overcome many obstacles that directly relate to the customer service aspect of running a business, so I know have a great appreciation for how efficiently PayPal’s customer service program is.

Contact Customer Service Whichever Way is Easiest For You

There are many ways to contact PayPal, the easiest of which is to just head over to their website, and find the customer service phone number which is easily accessible to located on PayPal’s wonderfully designed website. PayPal also offers a phone number for clients that are trying to get in contact from outside of the U.S. which is amazing, because this is letting businesses from all over the world make sales to one another with just the simple click of a button. Other than calling PayPal there is many other ways in which you can contact PayPal.

Taking Care of Customers is A Top Priority

PayPal is always very courteous, and timely in responding to emails that their clients, or prospective clients have sent to them. Also, they have an option called “Find Quick Answers” which basically has answers to all the most commonly asked questions, i.e., help with transferring funds, which make getting answers for clients, and potential clients much more efficient saving them time out of their day. They will always respond within 24 hours on all working days. I personally run an online store, which I use PayPal to make all my transactions on, and one time there was a huge mix up that was looking like it was going to cost me about $800 dollars.

Even For Unique Situations PayPal Can Help

An entire week of sales, had supposedly never gotten through to my PayPal account. I simply contacted PayPal, and they worked with me on the phone for just 30 minutes, and my account was fully funded and I was back on track. PayPal took what would have normally been a horrible process with some big credit card billing company, to an easy relaxed phone call that took very little time out of my day. After that encounter with the service people at PayPal I can honestly say that they have a quality workforce, that truly have the best interest for all customers, and potential customers. As an all-around business, I can give my word to PayPal as a very trustworthy well operation system, that is truly beneficial to anyone that is interested in online shopping, or exchange.