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Amazon Phone

If you are looking for that special something or doing some comparison shopping, there is one place that often comes to mind for most people, Amazon. Amazon is the leading online retailer for just about everything you can think of. If it is being sold somewhere, more than likely, you can also find it on Amazon. They are also a great resource for checking prices and reviews on items that you are looking to purchase. Almost everyone has purchased something from Amazon or at least been to their website.

Amazon’s Customer Service Department is Ready to Help

Since they are one of the largest retailers, they also have one of the largest customer service departments. Their customer service is consistently rated one of the best in the business. In fact, many surveys and awards have consistently rated them number one in customer services for several years running. Whenever you need help with an order, Amazon has customer service agents ready and willing to help you. Their customer service is available twenty-four hours a day via phone, chat, or email. Their customer service tries its best to right anything that has gone wrong and they often go above and beyond what is necessary to meet your needs. If you have a problem with an order, a seller, a missing item, a defective item, need help placing an order, or simply need a question answered, their customer service is the best in the business.

Amazon Prime: A Great Way To Save

Many Amazon customers are now Amazon Prime Members. People who purchase an Amazon Prime membership can receive free two day shipping on many items offered for sale on Amazon. If they are not in need of two day shipping, they can often get a slower shipping speed and receive a reward for choosing the slower shipping speed. Along with the fast, free shipping, Prime members receive other perks as part of their membership. One of the most popular perks in their video streaming service. This service offers many tv shows and movies to their members to stream for free on their devices, computers, or televisions. Amazon even creates their own unique content exclusively for their members. Similarly, Amazon offers a free music streaming service to their Prime members. Members can stream and listen to a variety of music, including new and popular titles, without advertising, all included in the price of their membership. To contact customer service, you can visit this page

Two Hour Delivery For Amazon Prime Customers

In certain cities and areas, Prime members can take advantage of Amazon Prime Now. This service allows members to purchase certain items and have them delivered in two hours or less. Since the delivery is so fast, items like ice cream and cold groceries can be delivered to your home or office. This saves busy people from having to go to the grocery store and deal with crowds and traffic, saving them time and money. Prime Pantry is also offered to everyone, not just in certain cities, and give their members the ability to stock up on kitchen pantry items and essentials for the home at every day low prices. These items are then delivered right to your door.